Stay Calm And Watch a Puppet Show

What are you doing this Saturday? Is there some place you are going? May be watching a movie? I am sure you will have fun but I too have a great suggestion for what you can do. You can watch a Puppet show for free. The show is based on Beauty and the Beast and will be performed by Carranza Puppets at the Forum of the Cypress Creek Christian Community Center where we had all our special summer programs. It's right across the Barbara Bush Branch Library. Isn't that simply wonderful?


So mark your calendars for September 21st at 2:30 PM. We hope to see you there. And drop by the library to check out some puppet making books if you'd like.

 I Can Make Puppets By Mary Wallace





 101 Hand Puppets: A Beginner's Gude to Puppeteering by Richard Cummings