Staying Safe

With all of the active shooter news around the country the past few months, we wanted to share some resources you may find helpful.  First, we have a link to a short video produced by the Texas State Office of Risk Management on Active Shooter Emergency Preparedness.  There is a great deal of good information in the video, however please be aware that it may be disturbing to some viewers. 

For parents who want to talk with their children about staying safe, the library carries books which may help you discuss a variety of safety topics with them:


Be Careful and Stay SafeStay SafeWhat if you need to call 911





There is also app for your smart phone that you can use to help report crimes--iWATCHHarrisCounty.

If you see something unusual going on in your neighborhood--or if your child is being bullied, this can be reported anonymously using this app.

Stay safe!