A Story by One of Our Daily Quillers

In our Daily Quillers Creative Writing Club, we right stories based on off the wall topics.  This topic was given on Friday, March 5:

A Prinny comes to the library.  Describe.

This was a story that came out of it:

When a Prinny Came to the Library
Picture courtesy of Flickr user Udaho
By Jacob Pierce
Daily Quillers and TAB member
Everyone’s heads turned toward the large waddling creature, staring in disbelief as it raised its wing (?) to open the door. It stepped forward into the library and proceeded over to the front desk.
“I’d like to get a library card, dood!” The librarian, Jennifer, stared in disbelief at the strange penguin-like creature with peg legs and its round, innocent, somehow all-seeing eyes. Jennifer was speechless. She just handed him a library application form and a pen.
“Thanks, dood!” The prinny, Grimmjow, walked over to a table to fill out his form. He pulled out a chair and attempted to sit, and after much struggling and difficulty to atop the four legged monstrosity, he decided to call it quits and fill the form out whilst standing. No one could stop staring as the creature bobbed, almost bouncing up and down as it filled out its form. When it had finished, it looked up in mock satisfaction and proceeded to waddle over once again to the main desk. At that time Jacob, a regular visitor and TAB member, stepped into the library and the prinny caught his eye.
“Dude, is that a prinny?!” Jacob ran over to the creature and proceeded to poke and prod it as he continuously ooed and ahhed in disbelief. The prinny, uncharacteristically, looked annoyed.
“Cut it out! You don’t know me, dood!” it said. Despite the prinny’s protests, Jacob continued poking and prodding.
“That’s it, dood!” The prinny yelled, “It’s time for a revolution, a rebellion, a coup de tat, dood!” Jacob, his curiosity getting the better of him, picked the prinny up. 
“Doooooood!” shrieked the prinny.
“I wonder if they really explode when thrown,” wondered Jacob. He then threw the prinny in the direction of the check out station where it promptly and violently exploded, fire and sparks erupting from the wreckage, setting the entire library ablaze. When everyone was safely outside, Jacob scratched his head, shrugged his shoulders and intoned, “My bad.”