Next week we will celebrate Black History Month at storytime and, among other activities, will be making peanut butter in honor of George Washington Carver. We'll also read Bintou's Braids by Sharon Dennis Wyeth, as well as Something Beautiful by Sylviane A. Diouf.

Bintou's Braids is about a little girl wanting to be all grown up and to wear her hair in the braids of the older girls and women. It is difficult for her to wait, but she has the support and encouragement of the older women. Along the way, she realizes being grown up is about more than looking like an adult.

In Something Beautiful, a young girl growing up in an urban setting goes searching for "something beautiful" that she can call her own, bolstered by her mother's statement that "everyone should have something beautiful in their life."

Out of respect for George Washington Carver, an inventor, botanist, scientist and educator who had an intense passion for improving poor farmer's lives and for sustainable agriculture, we will be making peanut butter! Now, he came up with over 100 unique uses for peanuts, over 300 total he claimed, but we will most likely not be attempting to recreate this during story hour...So, while he did not, in fact, invent peanut butter (aka the Aztecs), he most certainly made some of his own while investigating many of the uses for peanuts.

Black History month was started over 80 years ago, with February being chosen as the month, due to the fact that both Frederick Douglass' and Abraham Lincoln's birthdays fell within its timespan. What was initially only one week long, now has not only its own month but every year, a presidential proclamation to announce it. 

Hope to see you there! As always, any questions can be directed to Jen at 281-426-3521