A Summer of King

I’m a big horror fan, and at the beginning of the summer I realized that there were a number of Stephen King novels I have never read. Summer, for me, has always been a time that I’ve given myself little “reading projects.” Basically I might pick an author or genre I hadn’t dipped into in a while and pick up a few good reads to that end. I decided that the summer of 2009 is the Summer of King.

I’ve read a lot of King’s older books, but I realized I hadn’t read many of his short stories. I also hadn’t looked into much of his new stuff since I read Lisey’s Story a year ago. I started off with Duma Key, a recent novel about a man recovering from a disfiguring accident (and his own demons) on a mysterious island in the Florida Keys. Not one of King’s real screamers, but it had a few surprises.

I listened to the Skeleton Crew on audio not long after that and listened to a few selections from that. Definitely an old King release, but it was a nice change to try some of his short stories. Not all of the original stories were included, but I particularly enjoyed "Mrs. Todd’s Shortcut."

I stuck with short stories after that when I read Everything's Eventual: 14 Dark Tales. This recent release had some interesting shorts that seemed quite a bit different from King’s usual fare. I especially enjoyed the title story, which was about a young man with a seemingly easy and lucrative job—however, the benefits do not make up for the chilling occupational hazards. This volume also contained 1408, which was adapted to the silver screen not too long ago.

Currently, I’m reading Blaze, which was released not long ago under King’s old pseudonym, Richard Bachman. I haven’t read but a chapter or two, but despite King’s warning in the preface about it being a trunk novel, I’m getting pulled in to the story. The book jacket describes it as a “chilling crime novel” but I’m still feeling this story out.

Lisey's Story Duma Key Skeleton Crew Everything's Eventual Blaze

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