Summer Programs on Wednesday at 2 PM

Wednesday, June 5th at 2 PM – Ask An Astronaut [All Ages]
On Wednesday June 5th, we will kick off our “Universe of Stories” theme by hearing about the wonders of space from a real, live astronaut! Join us in the Community Room at 2 PM as we here about the training, experience, and sights that our astronaut has had on their journey to the stars. 

Wednesday, June 12th at 2 PM – Bayou City Play – Build A Space Colony [7+]
Beat the heat on Wednesday, June 12th at 2 PM by getting some big body play in the A/C at the Parker Williams Library. Bayou City Play, a company that’s known for getting kids to build, is coming to the library to help your kids build a space colony. They’ll have to construct a solid home in the stars that can withstand cosmic rays, radiation, and the dreaded space debris!  

Wednesday, June 19th at 2 PM – Space Ranger Academy [5+]
Have you ever wondered what Buzz Lightyear does in his training to defeat the evil Zurg? On June 19th at 2 PM, join us for some exercises and training stations that will make you into a real Space Ranger right here at the Parker Williams Library.

 Wednesday, June 26th at 2 PM – Coloring The Planets [5+]

The arts have always had an influence on the sciences, and classical music is no different. Before we could see high resolution pictures of our solar system, we imagined what the planets could be like. On Wednesday, June 26th, the Parker Williams Library will be playing the classical piece The Planets by Gustav Holst while coloring the planets. Let their imaginations go wild to the music at 2 PM in the Community Room.