Summer Reading @ HCPL Starts June 6!

Harris County Public Library’s Summer Reading Program kicks off June 6 with new incentives & new ways to participate.

Harris County Public Library’s annual Summer Reading Program has never been just about reading. Summer at HCPL is about reading and all the ways it helps you engage more fully with the world around you. With that in mind, for the first time, HCPL will offer incentives not only for what you read, but for what you do, as well.

It all starts June 6 and runs through August 6 with programs and special incentives for every age group: babies, kids, teens and adults. It is easy to participate: simply register, then read, build, create, play, explore, attend library events, volunteer in your community and log what you read and what you do all summer long. Do you like to solve puzzles or go to the zoo? Do it and log it. Do you like to read comics or knit? Do it and log it. Do you like to read about far off lands or try new foods? You’ve got it: do it and log it. When you have read 10 books, completed 10 activities, or any combination of reading and doing that adds up to ten, you will receive a prize, but you don’t have to stop there; keep on reading and doing. When you reach 20 books/activities, you earn another prize:

Babies – board book
Children – certificate, book, Summer Reading pin at 10 books/activities, and medal at 20.
Teens – Summer Reading pin at 10 books/activities; Team Read shoelaces at 20.
Adults – Summer Reading pin at 10 books/activities; Team Read shoelaces at 20.

Summer is for having fun, HCPL’s Summer Reading Program offers fun with a purpose. It is a fact that children and teens who read for pleasure during the summer perform better at school in the fall. Furthermore, study after study has shown that parents who read with their children and read for pleasure themselves tend to have kids who grow up to be happier and more prosperous than those who don’t. In short, the family that reads together succeeds together.

Stop by your local branch and pick up a calendar so you don’t miss any of the special events. All programs are free and open to the public. 

Register now!

Below is a list of activity categories with suggestions. It is not meant to be comprehensive. It is a list of some possibilities. Read 10 / Do 10 is about seeing where your imagination and feet lead you.

Read! Books, podcasts, graphic novels, magazines
Build! Legos, house of cards, coding
Create! Crafts & art
Imagine! Listen to, tell, or write a story
Move! Walk, bike, swim, dance
Join! Get a library card & go to a library event
Play! A game
Go! Visit a museum, zoo, park, or historical site
Explore! Visit a new place, try a new food
Solve! A puzzle, a math problem
Interact! With a friend, family, or pets
Give! Volunteer, donate your books to the Friends of the Library, help someone


I noticed on the Adult

I noticed on the Adult program website that several of the participants listed children's books along with their adult selections. Shouldn't they have registered their children separately and listed their books on the Children's program website? I use participant's book lists to generate ideas for new books to read. I am obviously not interested in a list of children's books. I noticed this same problem last year, but didn't think to comment on it at the time. Am I misunderstanding the intent of the separate programs?

Firstly, we are extremely

Firstly, we are extremely happy that you use your fellow readers' SRP book lists to generate ideas for your own reading. That is what it is all about--community, communication, sharing, growing.

We understand your point. Ideally, every member of the family--from baby to great grandma--would have a personal SRP login, but our main goal is to encourage reading. Many adults love to read young adult books--even kids' books (I'm a Roald Dahl fan myself), just as many children and teens read books written primarily for adults. HCPL doesn't feel it is appropriate to tell people what they can and cannot log.

Thank you for your comment.

Where do we sign up our kids?

Where do we sign up our kids? I have been clicking on all the links and they basically send me in a loop. Thanks, in advance, for any assistance.

I signed my daughter up on a

I signed my daughter up on a computer at the library. But now I can not figure out how to login to record her reading.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Sorry for the inconvenience. We will need a little more information in order to assist you. The best way to do that is to use the contact form (so that we can keep your private information private)

Please fill out the form and include your daughter's name, library card number, PIN & the branch at which you registered her.

Thanks and we look forward to assisting you.