Summer Reading Inspiration Part 8!

In Cinder by Marissa Meyer we meet a girl who lives in New Beijing with her stepmother, who hates her, one stepsister who, while shallow and a little mean isn't quite as bad as her mother, and her other stepsister, Pearl, who is fabulous and she loves dearly.  Cinder works as a mechanic, and while not totally a secret she keeps the fact she is a cyborg as quiet as possible as technically she is her stepmother's property.  Then Pearl gets the plague, Cinder is shipped off as a "volunteer" in antidote testing and her world gets weirder and simultaneously better and worse.  Of course, in this version of Cinderella, there is a  Prince who is the heir to the empire.  There are also the mysterious and powerful Lunars who may or may not be out to conquer the whole of Earth.  While this book and its sequels, Scarlet and Cress are young adult, many adults who enjoy Hunger Games or even Harry Potter will enjoy this series.  The final book Winter will come out next year.  Also, just a little note about the author.  Marissa Meyer used to write Sailor Moon fanfiction under the nameAlicia Blade, so if you like Sailor Moon you might notice a few familiar things.