Summer Reading Program Fun at Jacinto City Branch Library!

We've been having fun the past two weeks with Comic Juggler Claude Sims and Jungle Jim.

       Last week Comic Juggler Claude Sims came and performed numerous juggling acts for the children.  Not only does he juggle, he rides a unicycle and juggles at the same time!  The children were having so much fun laughing and participating in the program, that adults were coming from the other side of the library to see what was happening!  Everyone enjoyed the program!


Juggler Claude Simms and His Unicycle


Jungle Jim came this Thursday with all kinds of insects and snakes to show the children.  He talked to the kids about what an amphibians and reptiles are.  Next, he took out the different insects and snakes to show the children.  He also had a crab shell that he showed them.  At the end of the program, the children were allowed to take a closer look at the insects, snakes, and other animals he brought.  Another great program!


Jungle Jim Upclose