Summer Reading Program, Sid the Science Kid

The Baldwin Boettcher Branch Library is bringing "Sid the Science Kid" to our summer reading program.  Look for our summer reading program for details of what day, time and how to sign up for this program.  Class space is limited.  We will conduct a pilot 3 day Sid Camp (Science Investigate Discover).  It will be held in June for three days and will only allow 4 and 5 year olds into the program.  No moms. This will allow the children to learn how to investigate and make their own discoveries.  They will participate in a survey similar to Sid's, observe their experiment and then write in their journal.  We will listen to Ms Suzy sing.  We will then encourge our participants to continue this exploration on their own with new entries in their journals and comparing them with others.  Hopefully, other family members will join the exploration just like Sid's family on the "Sid the Science Kid" program on PBS.  Our objective is to learn and have fun while doing so.