Summer Reading Summary

Now that our Summer Reading Program is officially over, and everyone is coming in to get their prizes (by the way, if you haven’t gotten your prize, come to the Reference Desk before August 18th to get it), we at the Evelyn Meador Library thought it might interest our patrons to find out how our Summer Reading Program went. As such, we decided that we would share some of our statistics for summer reading and show how great our summer went.

To start, the Evelyn Meador Library had a lot of programs over the summer. We had 141 programs over the 2 month period for Summer Reading with a total attendance of 4,077 people. That means that we had an average of 2½ programs a day, with 28 people coming to each program. That’s AMAZING! Thank you for turning out Seabrook!

With all those programs, we had some that were really well attended. Our biggest program was Marsha’s Petting Zoo, which had over 350 people show up! Second to that was our Nintendo Festival, which had 300 people come to the library to play games. We also want to thank everyone who came to the library’s birthday party. We had over 200 people come to that event as well!

For our Summer Reading, everyone who signed up did very well. Almost half of our readers who signed up for our program read enough to claim a prize with over 1,000 badges earned. Our readers read over 90,000 minutes this summer, and completed 3,858 books. Good job to everyone who participated, and thank you for spending your summer with us!

Hopefully everyone who came to the library this summer continues to visit us over the school year. We know you’ll be busy, but all the fun you had over the summer will continue throughout the school year. We’ll be having programs every day during the school year, and our staff will be delighted to see you.

Thank you all for a great summer, and we hope to see you soon!