Summer Reads

Watermelon by persocomholicAlthough summer doesn’t technically begin until we’re firmly in the month of June, it certainly already feels like summer here in Texas.  With high temperatures and the end of school well within sight, this is the time of year when summer plans are being finalized, trips to the beach are being planned, and sleeping in late is being highly anticipated.  Below I’ve listed some books that at some point take place in the summer months or are just great summer reads.  What do you recommend?

Summer Reads

geek bookjacket

the lifeguard bookjacket

the summer of no regrets bookjacket

along for the ride bookjacket

lonely hearts club bookjacket





pieces of us bookjacket

project sweet life bookjacket

try not to breathe bookjacket

suite scarlett bookjacket

amplified bookjacket





everybody sees the ants bookjacket

disenchantments bookjacket

the big game of everything bookjacket

getting over garrett delaney bookjacket

all the right stuff bookjacket





12 things to do before you crash and burn bookjacket

withering tights bookjacket

past perfect bookjacket

pilgrims don't wear pink bookjacket

the probability of miracles bookjacket





Flickr CCWatermelon Photo by: persocomholic