Summer came this week!

I know what you’re thinking: It’s felt like summer for over a month now!  And you’re right.  The temperatures have certainly felt like July and August, rather than May and June.  Still, the calendar didn’t point to summer until June 21.
So school is out and we can begin hitting the road or heading for the airport, off to visit beaches or mountains or maybe even relatives.  We spend time with family and friends and sleep late and eat too much and get sunburned and spend too much money and come home exhausted.  And then we start thinking about where we’ll go next year.

Hollywood has had fun with movies about summer and vacation and quality family time.  And between TV shows for toddlers and big screen films, there’s probably something for everyone.  A few of these choices may be dated, but I think that adds to their charm.

For the Very Young

School’s Out! – Elementary School Ed.

School’s Out! – High School Ed.

Family Time

Adult Rest and Relaxation

Finally, I’d like to draw attention to one special movie star.  Hayley Mills starred in five Disney films that were set during summer vacation.  For that, I think she deserves special recognition – and so do her films.  They take her from childhood to young adulthood, with stories about family and fun and sometimes even adventure.

Have a great summer!