Sunday Hours At Harris County Public Library

Due to the economic issues facing Harris County, a hiring freeze is in effect for all departments of Harris County government. The 15% vacancy rate that Harris County Public Library is now experiencing has necessitated a further decrease in library hours. After November 21, 2010 five Harris County branch libraries that have been open on Sundays-Atascocita Branch, Barbara Bush Branch, Clear Lake City County Freeman Branch, Katherine Tyra Branch and North Channel Branch- will no longer be open on Sundays. The Lone Star College-CyFair Branch, which is a partnership between Harris County Public Library and Lone Star College-CyFair will remain open on Sundays from 1:00 PM -6:00 PM.

Online services are still available 24/7 at Customers will be able to renew library materials and place holds online. Library materials can also be renewed by calling 713-747-4763.By using  HCPL's online branch library, the eBranch,  customers will  continue to be able to access the Library's catalog, electronic databases, downloadable materials and other services.

Throughout these difficult times the staff remains committed to maintaining a high level of customer service and I thank them for their continuing efforts. My thanks also go out to our many customers who use and appreciate the Harris County Public Library.


The public libraries are one

The public libraries are one of our great assets. Not only do they give needy children access to material of many subjects, they provide entertainment to the elderly, especially the ones who can no longer drive far and are basically confined to their homes. Children and adults can use computers at the library as well as do research and read vast subjects, learning about other cultures. The public libraries are the source of much benefits to keep children entertained and knowable and off the streets where they get in trouble. The libraries should be one of the last places where our officials cut costs.

Thank you for your comment.

Thank you for your comment. Despite the economic situation that has necessitated a hiring freeze, a decrease in the amount of library materials that can be purchased and the curtailing of hours, the staff at HCPL continues to work to meet our mission to provide information and resources to enrich lives and strengthen communities through innovative services within and beyond our walls.

I can't read your clsosing

I can't read your clsosing hours for the holiday. The print is too small and red is hard to read.

Thanks for letting us know. 

Thanks for letting us know.  The size of the type and the color have been changed to make the  closing notice easier to read.

What does a 15% vacancy rate

What does a 15% vacancy rate mean?

  Harris County Public

  Harris County Public Library has 70 vacant positions that have not been filled because of the hiring freeze that has affected all Harris County departments. These 70 vacant positions equal 15% of the 435 positions that were allocated among 26 branch libraries and departments located at the Administrative Offices.

When the library is back to

When the library is back to hiring people, they should consider hiring part time employees. That way they don't have to pay the benefits and that would save some money. I have worked in libraries for over 20 years and hate to see them fall on hard times. I would rather HOLD a book in my hand than read one on the computer. Hopefully the hard times will come to an end quickly and we can get back to more employees so the libraries can once again be open on Sundays.


That's insurance is not a luxury for some, but a necessity....especially with the new health reform. I'm sure the full time employees very much appreciate having health insurance. If Harris County only hired part time employees to avoid contributing to a group health plan, then the employee turnover rates would most likely be high and customer service would go down the drain.

What I heard that in March

What I heard that in March 2011 the county will be laying off workers from the library. I hope it isn't true. What the county should do is closed Saturday too and have the library open until 10:00 pm during the week. When I was growing up in the 70's the public library was open during the week and closed on the weekend.

The financial problems facing

The financial problems facing Harris County neccesitate all departments of  Harris County, including Harris County Public Library, reduce expenditures. These reductions may have to include staff layoffs.

Saturdays continue to be among the busiest days at all  HCPL branch libraries. It is the only day that many of our customers can visit HCPL branches.


As usual, we accept these

As usual, we accept these closures as necessary and 'our dues' for excess spending, salaries, entertainment, in the past and currently by our elected officials, the Mayor included. For those of us who do not have the money to do other things we enjoyed the ability to go to the library on Sunday as an outing, read, research, write, meet friends, etc. We so passively accept this, rather we should be 'up in arms', and protest en mass downtown in front of the Mayors office. This is a crime against HCPL Taxpayers!!!

The city of Houston and

The city of Houston and Harris County are two different entities. Hurricane Ike caused havock in this area, everyone was affected, especially our tax base.

I regret the closing of

I regret the closing of Harris County Public Library branch libraries on Sundays. I hope that when the economy improves HCPl will once again be able to open on Sundays.

I would like to see one HCPL

I would like to see one HCPL location open 24/7 !!!

  HCPL's online branch

  HCPL's online branch library,the eBranch, is available 24/7 at Through the eBranch you can download ebooks,audiobooks, music and movies. You can also access databases, check the Catalog, place holds and renew library materials.

I am sad to see this happen,

I am sad to see this happen, but I surely understand when belts need to be tightened. You will still have Saturday hours and I hope this relieves enough stress so that additional weekday (with daily programs and after school time for homework) cuts are not needed. I appreciate that the staff at the branches I use in SE Harris County have remained cheerful and professional.

Thank you for your

Thank you for your understanding of the situation. I would like to thank you for recognizing the efforts of the staff in providing excellent public service to library customers.

Lone Star North Harris is

Lone Star North Harris is also open 1-6. The Barbara Bush branch is missing from the Location listing on the Mobile web version of this site.

Barbara Bush had been listed

Barbara Bush had been listed as Cypress Creek, it's old name.  The list on the mobile site has been updated to it's correct name.

Will the Sunday closure be a

Will the Sunday closure be a permanent change or just a temporary one? How long do you expect the hiring freeze to remain in effect? Are lay-offs being considered? I love my neighborhood library and until recently hadn't seen any changes in service. Now, it is taking almost 3 weeks to get books that have been requested even when they are checked in at another branch when the hold is placed. The library is a valuable resource to me and I don't know what I'd do without it!

I hope that the elimination

I hope that the elimination of Sunday hours will be temporary. At this time, because of the economic issues Harris County is dealing with, I do not know how long the freeze will last. Once the freeze is lifted I hope that we will be able to improve the delivery time of requested materials. It is my hope that layoffs will not be necessary.

Thank you for writing about how important the library is to you. During these challenging times the entire staff of Harris County Public Library remains committed to providing the best service possible.

How were the 5 libraries

How were the 5 libraries which will be closing on Sundays chosen? Population/usage?

Linda- The 5 libraries

Linda- The 5 libraries closing on Sundays were the only branches that were open on Sundays. The rest of the locations have never been open on Sunday. However, Cy-Fair College is still open on Sunday from 1-6, so anyone who wants a Sunday branch can go there.