Alright, I am going on a survival training trip with my Karate class this weekend and decided it might be good to write one more blog entry in case I don't come back. :)  So of course, what am I going to write about?  Survival stories!


Let's start off with the obvious:


Well this book obviously has it all.  Fire raining down from all the sky, poisonous berries, and man eating wolfs who have human eyes.  I am probably not going to encounter the first or third of those things, but you never know...



Okay, from the creator of Animorphs comes the series Remnants.  A giant astroid hit the Earth, but before is did, the world sent 80 teenagers out into space to try and preserve the human race.  They encounter new life forms, and new types of machines.  Can enough of them survive and make it back to what they once knew as Earth to ensure the species' survival?



Sixteen year old Miranda is just trying to survive with her family in her home after a meteor hits the moon and causes the world to flood and freeze.  She lives several miles away from the town and her family knows how to survive the cold.  But can they survive this long winter with little food and contact from the outside world, or will the amount of contact actually save them?



Moving away from the astroids and meteors, we move to a story which reminds me of the Australian teen soap opera, The Tribe.  In a small town on the coast of Northern California everyone over the age of 14 disappears.  All thats left are the 14 and unders in town and the the 14 and unders from a nearby boarding school who are, lets just say gifted.  And guess what?  The two groups don't really get a long.


Miles has been learning from an elderly neighbor how to survive for the last two years since Mount Ranier erupted.  The US is in dire conditions. There's little food, fuel, or medical supplies left.  Miles uses his mechanical skills to build a vehicle from bicycles and a boat to get his family to their summer cabin in hopes to find a sanctuary.  Of course there are biker gangs and other dangers just to reach where they hope to go.  But once they get there, will it be the safe haven they want it to be?



And because things were getting much to depressing, lets talk about this wonderful little fantasy novel.  Three kids who have been living on a research boat with their parents, traveling the world are shipwrecked on a mysterious island.  There are wierd plants, the people seem to be a hundred years behind the times and just to make things really fun, lets throw in a civil war!  Will the three siblings make it off the island and find there parents?  Find out by reading The Lost Island of Tamarind!  On a sided note, this is the first book in what could be a trilogy.  If you don't like to wait on books to come out, you not want to get started on this book right now.  The second book, Secrets of Tamarind comes out on July 5th.