Swedish Crime Wave

Swedish crime and mystery fiction books are now in high demand - thanks to the success of Steig Larsson's Millennium trilogy. Several authors, such as Henning Mankell, are gaining more recognition because of the heightened interest.  Many people have compared Mankell's work to Larsson. His most popular series is about a police inspector named Kurt Wallander.  The books have even been made into a BBC mini-series starring Kenneth Branagh. Camilla Läckberg is another popular writer in Sweden.  Her first English release, The Ice Princess, was released in the US just last month. And Liza Marklund will find an even larger readership outside of the country when her new book is released later this year.  She has collaborated with James Patterson on a book called The Postcard Killers.  It's due to be released in August, although you can put your name on the reservation list now.  
Many of these books are set in Sweden.  After reading a few of the stories, you might wonder what you would find when you got there.  Would you find rampant crime and corruption?  Murder and mayhem?  Dark, shadowy streets with danger lurking around each corner?  Reading the books might make you think so, but Sweden is actually one of the safest countries around, with a low crime index. 
Sweden may not have much crime to speak of, but their authors surely know how to write about it.  The tourist board has even capitalized on the popularity of the books.  You can travel to Ystad and see the places mentioned in the Inspector Wallander series.  You can even take a trip around Stockholm to see the places mentioned in the Millennium trilogy.    
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