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If you’re a Trekkie or a Starwoid you have lots to choose from. Comic book versions set in either the Star Trek or Star Wars universes have proliferated since long long ago, sometime after the big bang, but before there were such things as Graphic Novels. We now even have a selection for Whovians. And there are classics like Flash Gordon.

But here are some other out of this world adventures:

Fans of Josh Whedon’s cult genre-bending Science Fiction Wild West television series Firefly and movie Serenity will enjoy these two. In the timeline of the story these two graphic novels are set between the end of the television series and the beginning of the movie.

Like a 26th century Jessie James Gang, the crew of Serenity, a Firefly-class spaceship, is either a gang of scoundrels or a group of valiant heroes. Your opinion depends on which side you fought for during the Unification War. Serenity’s Captain, Mal Reynolds, and his friends were on the losing side.

Serenity: Those Left Behind     In Serenity: Those Left Behind Mal and his crew barely escape from an enraged mob. There’s nothing worse than a town of enraged citizen who think you just robbed the bank, unless, of course, you’ve been led into an ambush by an old enemy. Guns blaze and blood flows.

Serenity: Better Days     In Serenity: Better Days they strike it rich and each dreams of how it will be to live in luxury. But once again, they’re led into an ambush by an old enemy. Guns blaze, blood flows, and aircraft explode.

A marvelous series is Planetes / by Makoto Yukimura

This five volume set (numbered 1, 2, 3, 4.1 and 4.2) is an excellent near future hard science fiction and character driven look at the future of space exploration in this century, and the less than glamorous work of cleaning up some of the messes we’ve made. An employee of the giant Technora Corporation. Hachimaki Hoshino is assigned to the Space Debris Section. It’s not a prestigious assignment. He and his crewmates, Russian widower Yuri Mihairokov and chain-smoking pilot Fee Carmichael, have the job of rounding up any orbiting debris that might be a hazard to navigation. Hachimaki yearns for his own ship. He is also intrigued by the news of a planned expedition to Jupiter.

Orbiter   Orbiter / writer, Warren Ellis ; artist, Colleen Doran
No one expected the space shuttle Venture to return. But ten years after it suddenly disappeared it lands at Kennedy Space Center with only its captain aboard and Martian sand stuck in its landing gear. The captain is apparently insane; the ship’s metal skin is now covered with living skin, and something very strange has happened to its engines.

Grease Monkey     Grease Monkey / written and drawn by Tim Eldred
Following a devastating attack from space Earth is rebuilt with the help of other alien powers, who enlist the survivors in their war against the attackers. Since the majority of humanity was killed in the attack, the friendly powers upgrade the intelligence of the apes to fight alongside humanity. So when young mechanic Robin Plotnik reports to his squadron he finds that his chief is a very large and short-tempered silverback gorilla named McGimben Gimbinsky. After he adjusts to that he discovers that every pilot in his squadron is an attractive young woman.