Take a Staycation with our Online Resources

During the summer it can be hard to get to your local library. You might be on vacation in a different state, it might be too hard to get the kids in the car, or it might just be too hot (or rainy) to leave the house.  If that’s the case for you, but you’re still hankering for some entertainment, the library is still the place to help you. We have access to tons of databases and online catalogs on our website that can still help you! Here are just a few of them:

Overdrive: This electronic library has books, audiobooks, movies, read-a-long books and magazines that automatically check-in. No more late fees. Download these on Wi-Fi and you have a great resource for your long trips.

Kanopy: Don’t have enough choices with NetFlix? Add another database of movies to your collection with Kanopy. It has a fantastic collection of free movies, including classic, international, and instructional videos that you can watch while staying cool at home.

RB Digital: This is my go-to platform for audiobooks on the go. Download these electronic audiobooks to your phone, computer, or tablet, and listen to them anywhere. And again, you don’t need to worry about late fees or leaving the house with this resource.

If these resources aren’t enough for you, you can always check out others under our “Ebooks and more” tab on our library page. And, as always, if you have any questions about how to use these digital resources, you can come to the Evelyn Meador Branch Library to ask for help. We’re always happy to see you there. 

Photo Credit: PixaBay.com - CC0 Creative Commons