Talkin' Art

I feel incredibly lucky to live in Houston with its superb galleries and art museums – I could spend hours @ the Menil, the Museum of Fine Arts Houston, or the Contemporary Art Museum. But whether or not I make it down to one of the museums, I can check out a number of DVDs through the Library:

Mer’s Picks:
Simon Schama’s Power of Art – This BBC series presented by Simon Schama, a British historian, art historian, and professor at Columbia University, features art by Caravaggio, Bernini, Rembrandt, David, Turner, Van Gogh, Picasso and Rothko. Although all of the episodes are awesome, the Rothko section discusses in detail the Rothko Chapel (right here in Houston)! 
The Private Life of a Masterpiece – A BBC series featuring commentary from leading art historians, artists, and critics, The Private Life of a Masterpiece chronicles the historical background and contemporary events surrounding the creation of a number of famous paintings and sculptures.
The Rape of Europa – This is an absolutely fascinating documentary about European art during WWII: the theft and destruction of priceless paintings by Nazis; the attempts on the part of Europeans and Americans to save and document the artistic and cultural heritages of countries at war; and attempts by survivors to find and reclaim lost or stolen pieces.
Art 21: Art in the Twenty-First Century – A PBS series having run several seasons, features contemporary artists, their works, their inspirations, and artistic processes.

Who are your favorite artists? Which museums are your favorite? Which artists do you love (or hate!)?

Flickr CC: duchamp Photo by: Fernando Stankuns