TAYSHAS 2010 Spotlight: Fantastic, Futuristic and Horrific Realities

abstract3The TAYSHAS Reading List for 2010 was recently released and there are some great titles this year! The TAYSHAS Reading List promotes recreational reading for teens in 9th – 12th grades. Check out some of these great fantasy, horror, and science fiction reads or the entire 2010 reading list!

TAYSHAS Reads: Fantastic, Futuristic, and Horrific Realities


bad girls don't die bookjacketgraceling bookjacketoh.my.gods. bookjacketevernight bookjacket







need bookjackethow to ditch your fairy bookjacketwake bookjacketbonechiller bookjacket







silver phoenix bookjacketstreams of babel bookjacketforest of hands and teeth bookjacketdeadly little secret bookjacket






Flickr CC: abstract 3 Photo by: skyler817