Tayshas Spotlight: Gals Read

reading interesting stuffFor the final Tayshas spotlight of the 2011 Tayshas List, the focus is on great reads for high school gals.  Or check out the entire list!  You might find something great you never would’ve thought to read.  Anyone can nominate a title for the list; if you’ve read something good published in 2010 or 2011 and it isn’t on the list, nominate it!

Tayshas Spotlight: Gals Read

six rules of maybe bookjacketfallout bookjacketjumping off swingshold still bookjacket






tangled bookjacketthe sky is everywhere bookjacketbefore i fall bookjacket






sorta like a rock star bookjacketchasing brooklyn bookjacketjumped bookjacketcold hands, warm heart





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