Team Other

As a fan of paranormal romance, sure I love reading about the vampires and werewolves.  But, what about the other creatures?  You know, the ones that don't make it into Burger King commercials. Fear not, for they also have their own romance series.  Demons, dragons, Valkyries, witches, shifters, the Fae, even warriors from Atlantis.  You'll find at least one of each in the stories listed below.  Why not read one for the "other" team?


Karen Marie Moning

Fever:  start with Darkfever, the latest is Dreamfever

Nobody is really sure just what exactly the mysterious Jericho Barrons is, but we are all eagerly awaiting the final book in January to find out!

Kiss of a Demon King

Kresley Cole

Immortals After Dark:  start with A Hunger Like No Other, the latest is Pleasure of a Dark Prince

The women are just as tough as the men in this series full of Valkyrie, demons, witches, phantoms, sorceri, oh, and vampires and werewolves.  Also very funny.


you slay me

Katie MacAlister

Aisling Grey and Dragons:  start with You Slay Me, the latest is Love in the Time of Dragons

These are actually two different series, but start with the Aisling Grey novels to get the full picture of MacAlister's screwball (in a good way) world.


the iron hunt

Marjorie M. Liu

Hunter Kiss:  start with The Iron Hunt, the latest is Darkness Calls (A Wild Light is coming soon)

How cool is this?  At night, demon hunter Maxine Kiss' tattoos come to life as five protectors who guard her as they guarded her ancestors. 


atlantis redeemed

Alyssa Day

Warriors of Poseidon:  start with Atlantis Rising, the latest is Atlantis Redeemed

The warriors in this series were chosen by Poseidon (11,000 years ago) to watch over humankind until Atlantis rises again.  As they carry out their duties, they work with shapeshifters, vampires, and specially gifted humans.