Teen Thursdays in June

Thursdays at the Parker Williams Branch Library will be hosting a variety of different programs and projects for teens 12 and up at 3 PM in the Library Community Room. 

Thursday, June 7th at 3 PM – Teen Thursday – Silent PW Library [12+]

This week, we will be playing a variety of Silent Library challenges while trying to not bust up laughing.   

 Thursday, June 14th at 3 PM – Teen Thursday – Bleach and Stencil [12+]

This week, our project will be working with black fabric, stencils, and a light bleach solution. See the amazing things you can do with a little electrified salt water.     

Thursday, June 21st at 3 PM – Teen Thursday – 8-Bit Art [12+]

If you love pixel art, this is the program for you. We will be putting the digital pixel art skills to the task by creating real 8-Bit art with Perler Beads.     

Thursday, June 28th at 3 PM – Teen Thursday – Horrible Art [12+]

We are going to be trying our worst to make some horrible art. Join us for a jamboree of fail.