Teens and Tweens: Smash It, Plant It, Make It, and Taste It During Weird Science Week

Calling all Teens and Tweens (ages 10-18)! Join us this week for Weird Science Week at the library. 

First up is Smash It! Plant It! on Wednesday, June 11th at 3pm. Smash a geode to discover the crystals that lie inside its rough exterior. Also plant a terrarium using an old CD case. (Click for more)

On Thursday, June 12th at 3pm, you can make your own ice cream sundae with Ice Cream Sundae Science. What is Molecular Gastronomy? Imagine creating food using science. 


Don't miss it! All participants will have a chance to win a Program Prize pack at every program. The more programs you attend, the more entries you have in our weekly drawing. At the end of summer, we will have a drawing for a SuperMegaAwesome Prize Pack featuring swag from all our programs!