Teens luv Overdrive :)

     So if you're like me, you love Overdrive  I love audiobooks and Adobe PDF books. I've got several e-readers and iPods and MP3 players @ home, so I love, love, love the digital format! While I still love a good old-fashioned paperback, I absolutely swoon over digital format. I can have 10 books on my e-reader and carry them all with me @ one time!!! Fabulosity!!! So tomorrow, the Overdrive Bus will be here all day. You totally have to check this thing out. I've seen it before @ another branch, and it's amazing. Plus, if you have any questions, you can play with the equipment they have and get all your questions answered. Awesome-possum!!! I don't know about ya'll, but I know where I'll be tomorrow on my lunch time :) I'll be sure to swing by in the afternoon, in case any of you get a chance to stop by