Teens Tackle Tons of Tasks

They want to help, and help they do.

Moving tables. Stacking chairs. Playing with children. Registering readers. Prepping crafts. Shelving videos. Straightening, straightening and more straightening. A core group of five teen volunteers is keeping busy helping the Summer Reading Program run smoothly at Parker Williams.

Volunteer Annie Pham shares a good book with Eleni.

They have one theme in common: They want to help out.

“I decided to volunteer here because I wanted to get involved in the community and help out,” second year volunteer Annie Pham, 14, says. Annie especially likes working in the children’s area “because I get to hear them have fun.”

Mahed Khaleeq, 14, agrees. “I volunteered because I like helping out. I like working with little kids and we get to see or know who is coming in the programs. And also, things we do here are fun.”

Sarah Koons, 17, also has been having fun volunteering at the library this summer: “I volunteered because I needed something to do and I wanted to help someone. I really like helping out with the kids’ programs. The people are interesting and the activities are fun.”

Jason Cruz, 13, volunteers because he likes to help too, but he found a bonus perk to the job. “I liked shelving the movies because when I found a good movie, I could get it before anyone else snags it,” he says. 

Sonya Nguyen, 17, also has an alternative motive for volunteering: helping plan for her future. As a regular customer at Parker Williams, she naturally thought of volunteering here when she needed volunteer hours for a scholarship.  “I come to the library often. I like it here. It’s nice and the people here are nice,” she says.

Of course, all is not fun and games, especially when dealing with the havoc summertime hoards of customers can wreck. “I learned that shelving is not an easy job to do,” Annie says.

Thanks to all these teens who helped make the Summer Reading Program a Success!

What makes a good volunteer? We look for enthusiastic people who are reliable and flexible, and who care about doing the job right. Volunteering is a great way to gain job experience while helping your community. And although we realize many teens need to complete service learning hours, we do receive many more requests to volunteer than we have slots available. So if you would like to volunteer here next summer, plan on being flexible and applying early in the spring.