Ten by Gretchen McNeil

With the holidays upon us, it's been quite a challenge to get my reading in. Luckily, I've had a couple great reads to help me escape the stress that comes with the holidays.

I just finished Ten by Gretchen McNeil. Ten is from the teen slasher genre which is always a fun read for this 80s child. I grew up watching teen slashers like Halloween, Friday the 13th, and Nightmare on Elm Street so I knew I'd love Ten.

Ten is about a group of ten teens that go to a mansion party located on a remote island. As they arrive, they notice that their hostess is not yet there. While waiting for her to arrive, the teens decide to watch a video. The video tells the kids that they have done wrong and that vengeance is coming for them. They don't believe this and go about their business. That is until one of them turns up dead...

Ten was very fast paced and even though I've had a lot going on, I couldn't get back to reading Ten fast enough. Even though the slasher genre has been done many times in many ways, I found Ten quite refreshing. There wasn't as much gore as I'd expected but that did not hinder the story in any way. The internal struggle of the main character, Meg, was intriguing. I was kept on my toes from beginning to end and was shocked at the reveal of the killer. Overall, Ten by Gretchen McNeil was a great read for horror fans and YA fans. I loved it!