Texas Day Highlights

Arrest warraCook Arrested for Buyin' Salsa from NYCnts were served on a number of our customers Saturday March 3rd at our Texas Heritage Day Program.  Family members and friends paid the sheriff to arrest their loved and not-so-loved ones for charges ranging from “Burpin’ Dr Pepper” to “Parkin’ Healthy Horse in Library Handicapped Parking.”  The cook who was demonstrating outdoor Texas cooking was arrested for “Buyin’ Salsa from New York City!”  The librarian was even arrested, but I have it on good authority that she was framed – no way would she ever use beef jerky as a bookmark!

Those who attended our program also had the opportunity to meet Sam Houston and Texas Bob and to celebrate everything Texas – spinning, weaving, quilting,  a pioneer classroom,  square dancing, music with the Wild River Band.  Kids got to try their hands at ropemaking, bluebonnet crafts, and making their own door hanger.  To see photos of these events including our other arrestees click here.  The video of these highlights is posted on the Friends of the Library’s website.