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red curtainEver since I was a little girl trying to dance around the house in plastic dress-up heels, I have loved movie musicals. There is just something so charming in the calculated spontaneity of a group of strangers bursting into song or dancing down the street together. Sometimes movie musicals are bursting with glitz and glam, like 42nd Street, and sometimes they lean more towards angst, like Fiddler on the Roof. No matter the type of musical, there is always a strong thread of human emotion binding the story together.

In 2006, the American Film Institute unveiled a list of the 25 Greatest Movie Musicals of all time. I don’t know if I agree with the entire list, but it is worth a look. Did your favorites make the cut?

I love movie musicals because even when bad things happen in them, the characters sing and life seems just that little bit happier. If you need an escape, browse the HCPL catalog and request your favorite movie musical today!

A Few Musicals on the AFI Greatest Movie Musicals List:

Kimberly’s Movie Musical Picks (Not on the AFI List):Fiddler on the RoofWhite Christmas

Flickr CCBlood Photo by: Johnathan Graves