There is Nothing Worst than a Book Diet!



BabyMouse Series by Jennifer and Matthew Holm

Knowing that I work in a library, you might have assumed that learning to read was easy for me, but nothing is further from the truth. Learning to read was truly a struggle, and it took a long time before I was comfortable with the written word. Luckily, I had developed a love for stories at an early age and this kept me motivated.  
Children are often given a required reading list. Many of these books are wonderful, but too often children are not allowed to pick out books that they want to read.  In order, to nourish young minds it's important that children are able to find a healthy balance between what is educational and what is fun. 
When I was 5 years old, my best friend collected Spiderman comics.  Even though I was not able to read yet I adored each new edition.  The illustrations seemed to jump off the page, and my imagination was captured by daring adventures. We spent hours flipping through the pages of every series.  At that time, comic books provided a visual compass that helped lure me into loving stories...Eventually; it was this love that secured my future as a lifelong reader.
There is now a new generation of comic book lovers, and I am excited that children can expand their love of comics by reading  graphic novels. Currently, one of the most popular graphic novels in children's literature is the Babymouse series; written by Jennifer and Mathew Holms.
This weekend (Saturday, January 30th) Humble ISD will present the 2010 Children's Book Festival at Creekwood Middle school in Kingwood, Texas. Several children's authors will be presenting including Matthew Holms. This is a wonderful opportunity for young readers, and best of all it is a free event for the community.   Ms Susan and I will be there along with the Children's librarians from the Kingwood and Humble libraries.  We hope to see all of our friends there!
The Babymouse series is available for checkout through Harris County Public Libraries.   If you are not able to visit the festival you can keep up with the latest news on Babymouse on Matthew Holm's blog. 
Fun Fact: Two of my pets were named after the creators of famous comics.