There's 'Moor' to the story than you think!

Silent on the Moor- Deanna Raybourn
Courtesy of the is England, 1888. Grimsgrave Manor is an unhappy house, isolated on the Yorkshire moors, silent and secretive. But secrets cannot be long kept in the face of Lady Julia Grey's incurable curiosity. In the teeth of protests from her conventional, stuffy brother, Lady Julia decides to pay a visit to the enigmatic detective, Nicholas Brisbane to bring a woman's touch to his new estate. Grimsgrave is haunted by the ghosts of its past, and its owner seems to be falling into ruin along with the house. Confronted with gypsy warnings and Brisbane's elusive behavior, Lady Julia scents a mystery. It's not long before her desire for answers leads her into danger unlike any other that she has experienced - and from which, this time, there may be no escape.

I felt that this story wasn’t as great as the first two in the series, but this one is very good. Raybourn, a native Texan, has finally found her rhythm writing historical mysteries. With each novel, you can tell that she’s becoming more comfortable with her characters and having a lot of love and respect for them. I still think they should at least make a TV movie out of these, because I would really like to see Brisbane as an actual person!