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Along Came a Spider- James Patterson

James Patterson is a literary machine. He constantly churns out bestsellers, even if there’s a co-author involved. To date, he has had 19 consecutive bestsellers, which is a world record. When I picked up 1st to Die, the first book of the Women’s Murder Club, I loved the book so much that I read as much as I could of the series that was out, and then looked for more Patterson. This led me to his Alex Cross series. I was slightly hesitant because at the time, I really wasn’t into any kind of psychological thrillers. I picked it up anyway because I wanted to read more of his work. I was hooked instantly. There’s a reason why Alex Cross is one of the most popular literary heroes of our time.

Alex Cross, a forensic psychologist, starts his journey with the kidnapping of two children from two prominent families. As the plot unfolds, secrets are unveiled, and Cross discovers that the children’s teacher, Gary Soneji, a man who suffers from split-personality disorder, is the one behind the kidnapping. Soneji slips up and is eventually caught and sent to prison. He manages to escape, vowing to destroy Cross’ life.

I managed to read the first 7 books of the series, but stopped reading them. I felt that Patterson’s books were very repetitive, and that the series seemed to go in circles. The same thing happened to me with his Women’s Murder Club series. I now feel that Patterson has lost his touch, especially since he tends to “collaborate” with multiple authors for a book or even a series. He has stated that he gives the writer the outline, they in turn write the first few drafts, and then he finishes the final draft that is given to the publisher. Whether or not that I agree with his formula; it manages to make sense with the 250 million copies of his books that have been sold.