Things I Am Thankful For

As we approach Thanksgiving celebrations, I want to share with the Northwest Library Community the things I am grateful for as the Branch Librarian. Firstly, the Friends of the Northwest Library. This group of dedicated and determined volunteers raise so much money for the library. They host three book sales per year, keep the ongoing book sale up and running, sort the volumes of donations, contribute to programming, share ideas and knowledge about local community contacts and are some of THE nicest people I know. Secondly, volunteers! The library currently has 14 on staff, but we have well OVER 400 volunteers of various ages and various levels of donated time. They help us with library services, help to keep us a clean and well-oiled library machine. We could not do it without them. Thirdly, I am thankful for the dedicated and determined staff. Over my two years here, I have grown to know and appreciate their skills, fortitude and willingness to try new things. They put library first and work to better our services on a daily basis. Lastly but, not by far, leastly... our library patrons. The Northwest Community is kind, giving, respectful, considerate and, most of all, a wonderful community to serve. It has been all of our pleasure to be part of the Northwest Branch Library community. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!