I love to see the children come to the library.  As they enter, they have the look of happy anticipation of someone about to open a birthday present and often squeal with delight as they find their favorite books. Bob the Builder, Thomas the Train, Arthur, Dora, and Fancy Nancy.

Often times a parent will sit and read to their child and I am reminded of a time when my mother used to read to me. I always loved the way she read the books.  Even after I learned to read, I thought the way she read them made them much more interesting.  I have fond memories of the nursery rhymes.   Mom would sing these as much as she read them.

We had a box of books and we could choose the ones we wanted her to read to us.  One of my favorites was A child’s garden of verses by Robert Louis Stevenson.  The poem “Swing” was exactly how I felt as I soared up and up and up into the trees.  It may have been the first time a poem actually spoke to me. I loved the magic of all the fairytales such as Hansel and Gretel, Thumbelina, and Rapunzel.  They became real as my sister and I would act out these stories in play.

Mom also took us to the library where we were free to browse and select any book we wished. We would spend hours browsing the isles.  Each and every book looked interesting to me.  Sometimes I would ask my Mom what she thought I should read.  She would tell me some of her favorites and then assure me I would be able to find one I liked if I kept on looking.

I was in the 8th grade when I read Jane Eyre for the first time.  I cried from cover to cover.  It was the first time a book broke my heart. 

I believe I can trace my love of bird-watching to the hours I've spent studying Audubon’s Birds of America. I was fascinated by each and every color and feather on each bird.  I was fascinated that each bird was so different.

I can thank my Mom for some of the dearest and happiest moment s of my life as I cuddled up with her and a book.