Those Who Serve -- and Those Who Wait

As we approach this coming Memorial Day, I considered this holiday in a little different way.  Since Armed Forces Day is also celebrated in May – on the third Saturday each year – I decided to broaden the subject.

Traditionally it was men who marched off to serve their country, in peacetime and in war.  Eventually, for various reasons, women became a part of the military as well.  In the beginning, the roles of women were supportive.  They worked in offices and in hospitals.  Today, women work in a wide variety of jobs in the armed forces, and their duties continue to expand.

Where women are concerned, Hollywood has not been able to keep up with the changes in the military.  Still, we do have some great movies and TV series featuring women in uniform.  Some are definitely more light-hearted than others, but they are still worthy of note.

In Harm’s Way
Operation Petticoat
Private Benjamin
So Proudly We Hail
South Pacific


Of course, those who wait are also deserving of our respect – because they also serve in their own way.

Army Wives
Grace is Gone
A League of Their Own
Since You Went Away
The Unit


Finally, I’m including some documentaries that focus on the contributions and sacrifices of men and women in service. 

The Battle History of the United States Coast Guard
Camp Leatherneck
Fly Girls
For the Love of Liberty
The Ground Truth
The Iraq War
Operation Homecoming

This Memorial Day – and everyday – remember those who serve.

Flickr:     CC           : "Remember the ladies"          Photo by {faith}