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 Mythbusters Science Fair Book

As you can imagine, we get many new books throughout the year.  There are three titles that are not here yet, but I believe will interest many of you. Even though, these items have not arrived at the library, you can place your name on a request list. There is a link to assist you with this process at the bottom of the page.  

Big Nate On A Roll by Lincoln Peirce.

Big Nate blazes an unforgettable trail through middle school. This time he's up against his arch rival, the foreign exchange student, and ready to prove he's definitely destined for greatness.

Star Wars, The Clone Wars. Incredible Vehicles,  by Jason Fry.

Featuring astonishing detail of the spacecraft, aircraft, and land craft seen in the Cartoon Network series, this collection of 10 cross-sections allows readers to peel away the outer panels to reveal the inner components, the weapons systems, and the construction secrets of this wider world of vehicles.

Mythbusters Science Fair Book, by Samantha Margles.

Contains instructions for science fair projects based on experiments conducted on the "MythBusters" television series in attempts to discover the truth behind popular myths and legends.

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