Thursday 10:30 AM Gumdrop & Toothpick Structures

Picture of gumdrop and toothpick bridge holding up rail road ties.Join us 10:30 AM Thursday, February 28 for a tasty bit of building.  We are building with gumdrops and toothpicks.  You can get serious and build bridges and buildings or just make funny looking creatures with your materials.  Just come and have fun.  This program is intended for children 3 +. 
In case you can't make it this you can do this at home too. We got our idea from Pinterest!  The Pinterest link led us to a website identifying fine motor skill activities and more check it out at: Flickr:CC:by OregonDOT: Gumdrops and Spikes"> Looking forward to seeing you on Thrusday.

Flickr:CC:by OregonDOT: Gumdrops and Spikes