The Tie Wins Again!

Okay, so my Aggie spirit got the better of me on Halloween and I put my Texas A&M tie on over my Halloween costume. This inspired my wife to make me promise that, if the Aggies won, I would post a picture of myself wearing the tie on my blog. Also, she made me promise to mention to readers that she is the one who purchased the tie for me. Therefore, Texas A&M’s winning streak can all be credited to her buying me the tie.

So, with the Aggies crushing Iowa State in a convincing manner on Saturday, the magic of the tie has come through for my team again. And, anyone coming to the library this Saturday should not be surprised when they see me wearing the tie proudly! In the meantime, you can see the picture of me wearing the tie here. Don’t I look trendy?
Hopefully, with the power of the tie I can lead Texas A&M to their first bowl game victory since 2001!
My costume is supposed to be a roman emperor, although some are telling me that I look like a monastic. I am sure that having my head shaved adds to the illusion. Of course, I would have looked more like a Roman Emperor had I been wearing the crown of laurel that my parents had made for me and that you see Roman emperors wearing on the cover of books like “Empire of Ancient Rome”. Unfortunately, since I have so little hair, the laurel wreath made my head itch and so I gave it to my wife to wear instead.
So, how do I look? ;)
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