That's right. Not just any celebration but a very big one: the 20th anniversary of Maud Marks. The Library opened its doors 20 years ago this past Saturday July 27. Since then it has grown significantly with the growth of the community and the advancement of technology. The material collection has doubled. Books no longer have pockets to hold the due date cards.. E books are available to read on line and they will not be overdue as they will check in themselves. Now no typewriter is needed to type names on library cards. Imagine the children who came for story time are now young professionals who bring their own children to story time.. Well, lots of changes but we want to save all the excitement and surprises for you. The Friends of Maud Marks Library is planning a program full of fun deep in the heart of Texas: cowboys and horses, lassos and boots, ranchers and longhorns. The joyous party will be held on Saturday August 24 from 10 AM to 2 PM so that every one will be back from summer vacation and come to the event.
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