Time Magazine's Top 10 Graphic Novels

Did you know that Time Magazine regularly publishes Top 10 lists? They have a variety of lists ranging from politics, entertainment, travel, etc. Here is Time's Top 10 Graphic Novels compiled by Lev Grossman.

Watchmen The Sandman: Preludes & Nocturnes Jimmy Corrigan, the Smartest Kid on Earth Maus: A Survivor's Tale Adventures of Tintin Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic Ghost World Batman: the Dark Knight Returns

1) Watchmen by Alan Moore

2) The Sandman by Neil Gaiman

3) Jimmy Corrigan, the Smartest Kid on Earth by Chris Ware is a pleasantly-decorated view of a lonely and emotionally-impaired "everyman" (Jimmy Corrigan, the Smartest Kid on Earth), who is provided, at age 36, the opportunity to meet his father for the first time.

4) Maus by Art Spiegelman is a two volume story of a Jewish survivor of Hitler's Europe and his son, a cartoonist who tries to come to terms with his father's story and history itself. Maus I and II received a Special Pulitzer Prize in 1992.

5) The Adventures of Tintin: The Black Island by Hergé

6) Miracleman: The Golden Age by Neil Gaiman and Mark Buckingham

7) Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic by Alison Bechdel takes rank alongside of memoir authors such as Augusten Burroughs and illustrative style similar to Marjane Satrapi. Through narrative that is alternately heartbreaking and fiercely funny, we are drawn into a daughter's complex yearning for her father

8) Ghost World by Daniel Clowes is the story of two above-it-all best friends confronted with the prospect of adulthood and the uncertain future of their friendship. It was also made in a movie which is considered a cult-classic to some individuals.

9) Batman: The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller is a tour de force of powerful storytelling and intense characterization, illustrating the tale of a tortured man's effort to save a city spiraling into chaos. An aging, time-worn Batman struggles with the acceptance of a new Robin while facing the latest generation of vicious, hyper-violent criminals. This novel also inspired the popular 2008 film, The Dark Knight.

10) The Greatest of Marlys by Lynda Barry