Tis The Season For Batman

Batman Noel

Stay warm during the winter holidays with some Batman.

I recently came across the Batman story Batman: Noel.  Noel is a wonderful retelling of the Charles Dickens Classic, A Christmas Carol.  In Noel, Batman plays as Ebenezer Scrooge, while other DC favorites take the place of the three ghosts and other characters from the Dickens' story.  The artwork in particular made this a fantastic read for the winter holidays.


This got me wondering what other comic stories I could find that revolved around the holidays.  Of course, my first find was the classic Batman story: The Long Halloween.  


The Long Halloween introduces a new villain to Batman's rogues gallery, Holiday.  As per his name, Holiday kills only on holidays.  The Long Halloween gives us one of the definitive Two Face origins, but even better focuses on Batman's dealings with the mob in Gotham City.  We get to see less of Batman the super hero and more of Batman the detective.


Batman Small Miracles

Finally, I found a wonderful short from The Brave and the Bold (what's with Batman and Holidays?) where Batman and Ragman team up and give a retelling of the Hanukkah story.  Batman: Small Miracles may be meant for our younger patrons, but its still a fun read.  


What other Iconic comic holiday stories did I miss?