Transfer error: User not activated.

Your device may not be authorized to the same Adobe ID that was used to authorize Adobe Digital Editions. Please follow these steps to re-authorize your device.

  1. Close all open programs.
  2. Connect your device and allow if to finish synching with your computer.
  3. Open the Adobe Digital Editions Program.
  4. Using a Windows Computer, press the following three keys at the same time. CTRL+Shift+E (If you are using a Mac, please press Command+Shift+D)
  5. A window should pop up asking you to select the device you wish to de-authorize.
  6. Select the name of your device in the list and select “de-authorize”
  7. When this is finished, please close the Adobe Digital Editions program.
  8. With your device still connected, open the Adobe Digital Editions program again.
  9. It should now detect your device and ask you to authorize it.
  10. Click “Authorize Device”.
  11. Click the finished button after it is done authorizing.

You should now be able to transfer titles to your device. For help on how to transfer a title to your device, please see the support information located here. (linked to “Transferring to a portable eReader”)