Transferring eAudio from a computer to an Apple device.

In order to transfer eAudio titles from a computer to your Apple device, you will need to have both iTunes and Overdrive Media Console installed on the computer.  You can download Overdrive Media Console here.  If you are transferring from a Mac, only the MP3 format is compatible.  If you are transferring from a Windows PC, both the WMA and MP3 are compatible.

After you have installed these two programs, you will need to set up your Apple device.

First, connect your device to your computer and let it finish synching with iTunes.

The left hand side of the iTunes window should list the name of your device.  It should be listed under "Devices."  If you do not see your device listed under "Devices", click the triangle to the left of the word "Devices."

If you left click once on the name of your device, the preferences should appear in the main iTunes window on the right.  In this window there should be headings for Device type (iPhone, iPod etc) "Version" and "Options".  Look at the settings under "Options." 

Find the setting for "Manually Manage Music and Videos." You may need to scroll down to find this setting.  A check mark will need to be selected in this field.  If there is no check mark, the titles will not transfer. 

IPOD SHUFFLE USERS ONLY: Please make sure that the setting for "Enable Disk Use" is also selected.  Next, select the “apply” button located in the bottom of the window in the grey area.

There is one more setting that is good to change when transferring eAudio titles to the Apple device.  In the upper left hand side of the iTunes window is the word "edit."  Click on "edit", then "preferences."

In the middle of the window that pops up, click on the word "import settings".  Under "import using" it should say "AAC Encoder".  Under "Setting" it should say "Spoken Podcast."  Click "ok" to finish.  This will cause the audiobooks to take up less memory on your device.

Whenever you import a music CD, you will want to change it back from “Spoken Podcast” to whatever it was set to originally.  Music may have a slight decrease in quality when imported under spoken podcast.

After these settings are changed, open the Overdrive Media Console (with your iPod still connected).  After Overdrive loads, left click once on the title you wish to transfer to highlight it in blue.  Next, click on the "Transfer" button located towards the top of the program window.  This should start the transfer process for you.

After the title is transferred, it will be in the “Music” folder of your device.  WMA eAudio titles will be in the “Audiobook” section of the Music library.  To access this, open your music library.  Next, select “More” in the bottom window.  Next select Audiobooks.

MP3 eAudio transferred from the Overdrive Media Console are placed in the general library folder in your music library, not in the audiobook folder like the WMA audiobooks. You can find the MP3 eAudio by looking for the title of the book under “album,” or the author of the eAudio under “artist”.