Treasure Hunt Madness!



Last Month, Northwest Library held their very first Treasure Hunt for Teens. Our Teens became "Secret Agents" and were divided into four teams. Their mission was to find the missing particles of the "BookTrekker Alien Spacecraft" that had crash landed here on earth. In order to find them, they had to follow clues to lead them to the crash site. Once they found the crash site, they had to dig up the pieces, return to headquarters, and assemble the spacecraft. Of course, because the teams were so great and AWESOME, they were able to complete their mission. The day was filled with riddles, trivia, searches, and more. Don't miss out on the next treasure hunt coming soon on Monday July 16th. Slightly different, the QR Code Treasure Hunt will also be full of mystery and fun. If you have a smart phone or smart device, make sure to bring it to the treasure hunt, it just might come in handy. Come join us!