The Trial

It seems that so many legal thriller writers use the setting of New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and New Orleans.  It’s rare to find legal thrillers based in the great state of Texas. The Trial by Larry D. Thompson is one book that has Texas as its setting and is the reason for why I decided to give this legal thriller a try.

Luke Vaughan, a successful Houston trial lawyer, gives up his fast track lifestyle and decides to move back to his hometown of San Marcos with his daughter Samantha. In San Marcos Luke works from home, mainly on wills and contracts. He develops a romantic interest with a girl from his high school days, and his relationship with his daughter improves dramatically. Small-town life seems to be working for Luke until his daughter gets sick. Samantha is diagnosed with hepatitis as a result of a clinical trial she participated in for money. When Luke gets the news that she needs a new liver, he decides to sue the pharmaceutical company for enough money to pay for Samantha's care.

The plot might sound dull, but this legal thriller has murder-for-hire, kidnapping, payoffs to the FDA, and other twists and turns that will keep you reading until the end. Larry D.Thompson uses a common theme that you may be able to find in John Grisham novels, which is the small town lawyer going up against a big city firm.  This book is enjoyable and a quick read, but more than the twists and turns I enjoyed this book for its Texas setting.