The Trial of Fallen Angels

I have never read a paranormal legal thriller, until I stumbled upon The Trial of Fallen Angels by James Kimmel Jr.

A lawyer arrives in the afterlife without knowing what happened to her. She gets assigned to present cases for the final judgment. While she starts to know her "clients" she slowly realizes she is defending the lives of others who were connected to her life.

This book reminded me of The Lovely Bones since it sort of had the same spiritual redemption type story. The Lovely Bones is however a way better novel in my opinion than this. James Kimmel Jr. has a great imagination. Kimmel tends to be more into paranormal fantasy than the legal thriller genre, which is why I probably did not enjoy this book. The book is exciting in the beginning but tends to bog the reader down in the middle with its characters becoming too philosophical. I do admit that it was a nice experimentation and that readers of fantasy who have not been introduced to legal thrillers might enjoy this book. So if you enjoy spiritual fantasy books mixed with the legal thriller genre this is something you should read.