True Love: A Girl and Her Kindle

enchantedI was overjoyed last week at the announcement that library eBooks would now be compatible with my Kindle.  After many years of believing that I would always be a "paper" reading person, I broke down and got the Kindle last year. I fast became addicted to the instant gratification of being able to quickly download my reading material, no matter the time or place.  With library checkouts here, maybe my entire paycheck won't have to go to Amazon.

So, as soon as I could, I started going through the Digital Media Catalog, ready to snap up some new titles.  Since eBooks are very popular, I need to wait in line for the hottest titles, just like everyone else.  While I am waiting, I discovered that there is a very good selection of classic romance titles available for my entertainment. 

Some of my discoveries:rendezvous

Iris Johansen's Sedikhan series -  An amusing cheesy blast from the 1980s past. 

Linda Howard's old skool Harlequins - The good stuff.

Elizabeth Lowell's historical romances - I really like the Civil War era books, but now I'm trying the medieval trilogy.

Amanda Quick's oldest historical titles  - I love every single one of these.

What about you?  Any old or new discoveries to share in any format?



I am a Nook girl and I made

I am a Nook girl and I made the same discovery!  I have been enjoying many of the same authors that you have.  Check out Susan Mallery's Desert Rogues Part 1 and Desert Rogues Part 2.  Each one has five juicy titles for your reading pleasure! 

Thanks for the suggestion,

Thanks for the suggestion, Sandra!  Nook people and Kindle people can be friends.  smiley