The Truth of All Things

I ordered The Truth of All Things because a fellow mystery reader raved about it to me. I did find it interesting, although not as fantastic as she described. This is a first novel by Kieran Shields and it’s set in the author’s hometown of Portland, Maine. The time is 1892 and Decover of The Truth of All Thingsputy Marshal Archie Lean is faced with a case featuring ritually slaughtered victims.

A Pinkerton agent, Perceval Grey, proves to be of assistance with his scientific methods. Grey is closely modeled on the classic Sherlock Holmes character.  Historian Helen Prescott lends her assistance as the clues link the murder to the Salem witchcraft trials of 1692.  Lots of historic detail and strongly written characters kept my interest. If you like historical mystery authors such as Caleb Carr, you’ll enjoy this one.