Tuesday, June 12, Julian Franklin Will Present "Top Secret:Spy-A-Book!"

 Shhh... I can't divulge any information about Julian Franklin's program because it's Top Secret.

What I can tell you is that the program is for children and will start at 3:30 pm. Also, tickets are not required. 

 Spies and Lies: Famous and Infamous Spies  by Susan K. Mitchell.

Did a family of four, including a six-year-old boy, spy on the U.S. military at Pearl Harbor during World War II? Is it possible that pigeons and mice could be used as spies? Some of the most famous and infamous spies in history are not what or whom you would expect. Author Susan K. Mitchell looks at many spies and their secrets from family spy rings to animal spies.

 The Secret World of Spy Agencies  by Susan K. Mitchell.

The world's best spies cannot complete secret missions and do their jobs well without support from great spy agencies. So who do these spies work for? Many countries have spy agencies. Some of them have a mysterious history. Some of them have double agents working for other countries. Author Susan K. Mitchell uncovers the secrets of spy agencies from around the world.

Ace Lacewing, Bug Detective: Bad Bugs are My Business  David Biedrzycki.

 After being mugged, Scratch Murphy the flea asks Ace Lacewing, Bug Detective, for help in finding the culprit who stole money from his Six Legs Amusement Park.

 Detective Little Boy Blue Steve Metzger

With the help of his nursery rhyme friends, Little Boy Blue, who now runs a detective agency, solves the mystery of the missing Miss Muffet.