Turtle Time!

All right folks time for a turtle update. Today our reptilian friends took their first official family portrait. Since the turtles are getting used to their new home, we thought a portrait would be a nice house warming gift to officially move them into the library. Now that they are a part of the family, we have gotten to know their awesome personalities. Michelangelo (A.K.A Big Mike) is the silent type, also a bit on the skittish side. He spends most of his time under a rock, but hopefully will break out of his shell (Not literally I hope).  Raphael (A.K.A Rafa) is our little pistol. He's fun loving and likes long walks on the beach. He loves sun tanning on the rock, enjoys his turtle yoga time, and automatically knows when it's feeding time.  Who knew turtles were so much fun!  They love having visitors so if you are in the area drop on by and say hello.